How We Work

How We Work

How do we get stuff done?

For the HUB to serve its mission in a manner that is true to its values and guiding principles, it must be a collaborative initiative that includes a wide range of community partners with a commitment to supporting HUB services and activities.




Action Teams

Action Teams are  permanent or ad-hoc collaborative working groups established by the Guidance Committee with specific objectives to meet the HUB’s goals and needs. Primary Action Teams include Center Operations, Community Resource Development, and Data & Evaluation.

Young Adult Council

The Young Adult Council ensures that young adult voices are represented in all areas of the HUB, primary responsible for providing a young adult voice and facilitating communication with action teams.

Governance Committee

The Guidance Committee is a thirteen person team, who together oversee and guide the HUB. The committee consists of three representatives of the Young Adult Council, five representatives of the Primary Action Teams, a financial management organization seat, the HUB Director, and three seats filled by other representatives from the Durham community.




Partner Organizations

HUB Partner Organizations are essential in the efforts of the HUB and can participate in various ways. Through memorandums of understanding and contracts with the HUB or its financial management entity, partnering organizations will be essential for the provision of consistent direct services for young adults involved with the HUB.


HUB Endorsers ensure that there are effective links between the HUB and the broader Durham community, and thus they are essential for the HUB to succeed. Endorsers include government agencies, business organizations, church groups, other types of service groups, and individuals wanting to help the HUB fulfill its mission. To serve on an Action Team or the Governance Committee, it is necessary to be a HUB Endorser.