Our Vision

Our Vision

What is the HUB about?

Our Mission: To unite people and organize opportunities so that emerging adults can thrive in their communities.

Our Values: Humility, Respect, Reliability, Trust, Engagement, Clarity, Unity, Support, Inclusivity, Agility

Our Guiding Principles: The HUB collaborative use the following guiding principles to shape our work and inform decisions. 

  • Honor the whole person as they are.
  • Stick to our word.
  • Communicate with openness and honesty.
  • Cultivate shared commitments and expectations.
  • Welcome and help all people.
  • Be flexible to meet changing needs.

The Experience: All young people entering the HUB will be greeted and welcomed by center staff, ideally a peer who has been trained and has the skills to do so. If this is the young person’s first time at the HUB, they will meet with an intake specialist upon arrival, in order to assess their needs and reasons for coming to the HUB for services. This intake specialist will be a clinical social worker. The intake process will be as thorough and brief as possible, while collecting necessary information, such as consent forms, and immediate needs such as assessing housing security, access to food and clothing, and determining physical and mental health needs. The Intake specialist will goal-set with the youth, as well as ‘triage’ youth in order to meet as many needs as possible as quickly as possible.

The HUB will have a clothing closet, food pantry, and kitchen available for the young people who access the center. The HUB will develop partnerships with charity thrift stores to procure vouchers or donations for clothing and other necessities. The HUB will also develop connections with local restaurants and grocery stores to have access to leftover foods. The HUB staff will ensure that young adults have access to the services that they qualify for, including food stamps. The HUB staff will also assess the housing stability of each youth and connect them with housing resources, such as shelters, coordinated intake

Young adults can participate in and lead groups and programs held each day to meet various needs. Groups will include budgeting and personal finance, education and literacy, mental health, substance use, independent living skills, support groups, sexual health and pregnancy prevention, leadership, peer mentoring, employment readiness, art, and communication. For example, young adults will be encouraged to learn the skills necessary to be able to run the kitchen, developing work experience and responsibility.

The HUB will be a “one-stop shop” for young adults to connect with the various agencies and professionals that are co-located on site. The HUB will serve as a source of complete and up-to date clearinghouse of information and referrals for youth, families, service providers, and the larger community about resources for transition age youth.