The Action Teams

The Action Teams

Action Teams are collaborative working groups established by the Guidance Committee with specific objectives to meet the HUB’s goals and needs. 

Center Operations

Responsible for supporting the logistics and programming of the HUB’s resource center, including assisting the HUB Director with issues like: staffing, physical space, inventory, programs, and working with partner organizations to provide services in the space. Email to get involved. 

Financial Operations

Works closely with the financial management agency and all other teams, responsible for helping to manage financial issues, including but not limited to budgeting, fundraising, grant-writing, and reporting. Email to get involved. 

MArketing & Communication

Marketing & Communication: responsible for helping to create materials and messaging to recruit young adults to the HUB; sharing information with potential donors/funding agencies, the press, elected officials, and other interested parties; and maintaining consistency across the public face of the HUB. Email to get involved. 

STreet outreach & community-based services

Responsible for developing and supporting programming outside of the drop-in center, including outreach to young adults, developing programs with partner agencies in other locations, and creating a “virtual HUB” of resources. Email to get involved. 

Data & Evaluation

Responsible for ensuring that there is appropriate monitoring and evaluation of HUB programs according to stated goals; collecting, analyzing, and disseminating community data appropriately; and serving as an interface between researchers and the HUB. Email to get involved.